A Deep-Dive Into Isharya's Latest Launch: Elements

Humans have always looked for answers in the stars. From cave dwellers using phases of the moon to a newly minted interest in zodiac memes on Instagram, celestial observations have always intrigued the human mind. At Isharya, our latest collection does something similar. It seeks answers in the journey of time.

Here’s a deep dive into our latest collection:  

The Genesis

The universe is back in in vogue — and that’s what we celebrate in Elements by Isharya. For centuries, cultures around the world have turned to the magic and mysticism of the constellations.

Our newest launch interprets this love for the cosmos into beautiful baubles, trinkets, and stunning medallions.

The Collection

This season at Isharya, we’re distilling elements of matter — water, earth, fire, and air — into jewelry. Think metallic baubles with fossil impressions, textures with organic imprints, and stacks of scintillation inspired by the four elements that have remained the cornerstone of philosophy, science, and medicine for two thousand years. Elsewhere in this collection, there’s something for all zodiac lovers as well. From charm bangles to chunky rings, these are jewelry’s rising

The Materials

Interestingly, these four elements also form our core characteristics and define the luxe, vibrant materials we’ve used. Pink quartz, lapis, amazonite, and moonstone, among others, take centerstage in the designs. Furthermore, natural forms like the tusk, horn, star, and moon are entwined into necklaces, rings, earrings, and bracelets to showcase the genesis of life itself.

The Stones

What truly stands out in these jewels are the gorgeous stones. Each stone has a meaningful story behind it and brings positivity to its wearer.

Pink quartz, for instance, comes in a soft yet bright colour, and it is known to emit strong vibrations of love, wearers use to boost the feelings of calm and inspire compassion.

Lapis, on the other hand, has a dark royal blue hue and it signifies truth and wisdom. It is
also known to have remarkable healing properties, and is good for respiratory and nervous system. It is proved to have a calming influence on the wearer.

And, Amazonite, which is shaded in a pastel blue-green tone is used for manifesting good energy and treating fatigue and overall aura.

Meanwhile, pearly-white Moonstone soothes emotional instability and stress, and stabilizes the emotions, providing calmness. It also enhances intuition, promotes inspiration, success and good fortune in love and business matters.

Elsewhere you will find Yellow Amber, which has been used, historically, as a talisman for courage and self-confidence. Since the stone doesn't have any negative vibe, it can be worn by anyone irrespective of zodiac signs.

And, last but not the least is White Jade. It holds a lot of healing properties and is known to be a lucky stone, whether it’s for love or health. A shiny white with a subtle hint of green gives it a calming tone to look at.

The Technique

For Elements, the god is in the details. Every piece features an intricate, time-taking technique. Many of the jewels are engraved by etching fossil-inspired impressions into its surface. Other than this, stone inlays, a technique used for designing ornaments during the Mughal era, are also on display.

How have we used them? By capturing the essence of this technique in our zodiac charms using semiprecious stones.

The Trend

Furthermore, trendy zodiac-inspired jewels have found a resurgence in this collection. These pieces signify spiritual evolution from the pendants that have been popular for many years.

Women want to wear jewelry that feels unique, and in a world where we’re all searching to feel understood, horoscopes and astrology offer the recognition we crave.