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If there's one thing Isharya is known for, it's statement jewellery. Our collection of artificial jewellery sets features stunning enamel work, Swarovski crystals and more that will add drama to any ensemble. Even an outfit as basic as a t-shirt and jeans will be elevated with our selection of artificial gold jewellery. We have a variety of earrings, bracelets, necklaces and rings to cater to your every jewellery craving. You can find modern styles in our everyday edit and our Joie collection.

For traditional outfits, we have our Modern Maharani collection that features stunning gold-plated jewellery sets. If you love bold jewels, we recommend you explore our chunky styles. Our expertly curated edits offer supersized styles for unapologetic women. We even have artificial diamond jewellery for those who don't shy away from the spotlight. You can pair it with evening dresses or daytime ensembles without giving them too much thought. If you're looking for party-wear pieces, Isharya has got you covered. Our statement styles are great for every celebration circled on your calendar. Whether you're going clubbing or to a house party, our party-ready artificial jewellery for women will have your back. For those who are homebodies or boss ladies, we have a selection of classic styles to see you through those hectic days. No matter the occasion, trust Isharya, a jewellery shop near me.

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Do you love a good jewellery stack? Us too! This is why our design team constantly innovates and brings out the latest collections in artificial jewellery. When you wear our styles, you will turn heads and spur conversations. Our fashion jewellery styles are easy to stack and pair with any outfit. They can be worn alone or layered. Additionally, they are made in every colour imaginable. For example, if you're looking for a good party-wear necklace to match your little black dress, we have a range of black-coloured styles. Our imitation jewellery is made for every kind of celebration and to make you shine. If you're a minimalist by style and prefer styles in solid colours, then our collection featuring mirror work is just right. It will pair perfectly with your neutral-coloured ensembles from AM to PM. If you're a maximalist then we recommend you explore our best-selling collection of chunky pieces in bright hues that always impress. Shop pieces from Isharya, an artificial jewellery shop near me.

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We at Isharya love creating jewellery for modern women. Our modern designs are the perfect styles for the women of today. Whether you're a working woman or a stay-at-home mom, you'll love to wear our jewellery available online. For those of you who love to make a statement, our collection of chunky styles will make you smile. You can wear them by themselves or stack them with your other pieces. They will look just as good with a suit set as with a shirt and jeans. If you're looking to shop for a special occasion, you can explore our party-perfect artificial jewellery online in India. We offer high-shine styles that match every party outfit. Our celebration-ready styles pair well with dresses, jumpsuits, shorts and playsuits. If you're looking for something to wear to work daily, our classic jewellery pieces are your best bet. The best part is they don't tarnish and they don't give you any allergies. Buy jewellery online from Isharya.

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One of the most viral gold-plated jewellery trends right now is chunky styles. A slew of celebrities have been spotted wearing them on their wrists. Some layer it while others prefer to wear just one stand-out piece. The runways have also witnessed an influx of statement styles on the supermodels. If you've been following our brand for a while, you will know that we specialise in making the best artificial jewellery online. Our selection of contemporary jewels will level up your looks for every reason & season. They might be modern in design but can easily pair up with your traditional looks. And if you still prefer conventional styles, our Modern Maharani collection will have your back. The best bit about all our pieces is that it is hypoallergenic and nickel-free. It is crafted in brass and plated with 18k gold – making it great for investment. For the social butterflies, our party-ready best jewellery available online is a great option. It matches pretty much any party ensemble and makes you shine like a star. If you are more of a classic girl then our classic jewellery is the one to invest in. Buy our best-selling jewels from our jewellery shops.