About Us

Isharya (Reliable Fashions India Private Limited) is a modern-day Indian brand that started as a fateful encounter with breathtaking jewelry and turned into an epic, lifelong affair.

Isharya is a thought; it’s a feeling; but most all, it’s a labor of love. We spend countless hours perfecting our products leaving no details to chance because we believe good design and quality craftsmanship should be accessible to all.



We care about creating abrand with conscienceas much as we do aboutdesign and innovation.We are one of the few Indian jewelry brands that not only makehypoallergenic products, nickel-free(nickel is toxic and is carcinogenic, which means it can cause lung and nasal cancer) andplated with high-quality gold but we also use Tagua, an animal-friendly vegetable ivory, that’s better for the environment. In addition to this, all of ourbilling is paperless and our packaging isn’t just pretty — it’s plastic-free.

Our Team

We believe life is too short to wear boring jewelry, which is why we have a young team of designers, writers and digital ninjas(comprising mostly women and we take pride in it) who are innovating and inventing the very ideas behind wearing statement-making, glamorous jewels season after season. Our highly-skilled team doesn’t just reflect who we are as a brand but mirrors the cultural codes and belief system we aspire to build. Our cosmopolitan ideas are accentuated with the ancient know-how of skilled artisans whom we collaborate with for all our collections. As a result, our creations have an aesthetic harmony, easy wearability and durability, and are always meticulously finished. At Isharya, we want to build a new way of life, one that seamlessly bridges the gap between noble ancestry and the force of contemporary learnings.


At Isharya, we value extravagance as much as sentimentality, heritage techniques as much as radical trends, and timeless fashion icons as much as alternative aesthetes. This is why you’ll find myriad options for every season, destination, and mood. However, more than anything, we want to democratize the art of wearing jewelry and give each woman a treasure-trove of unique gems that champion style, creativity and freedom. From easy-to-wear, versatile trinkets that can be worn all year round to durable traditional necklaces, earrings and bracelets modernized for new-age women, each piece is a collectible — something you want to cherish and share with everyone. We want to redefine the spirit of wearing costume jewelry — once a part of throw-away piles. Think of it as an assortment of jewels that are timely yet timeless.  

Our Tribe

We design jewelry for women who have a taste for both past and present. So we make it a point to acquaint and support like-minded go-getters who think beyond tradition and won’t wear something unless it’s novel in design. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Isharya is for the discerning tastemakers of today who are looking beyond junk jewelry, are too bold for gold and want to invest in jewelry with a soul. Isharya’s contemporary ethos, thus, would be incomplete without the community of women who have become an intrinsic part of our journey. Each collection drop is thoughtfully-curated and presented to the women (and men) who continue to bolster us. Building an experience and keeping a healthy dialogue going with our customers are important pillars of who we are as a brand.