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    Ans: Hoop earrings are styles that go around the ear lobe. They are different from other earring styles because they are usually circular and go full circle at the other end.

    Ans: Hoop earrings come in many sizes from extra small to extra-large. You can choose the right size based on your face. If you have a large, round face, smaller hoops are recommended. If you have a small, narrow face, big hoops are a good option.

    Ans: Yes, hoop earrings are suitable for all face shapes and hair lengths.

    Ans: Metals such as brass, silver and gold are commonly used to make hoop earrings. However, you can also find hoops made of resin and plastic.

    Ans: Isharya is the best place to buy hoop earrings online because all our jewellery is hypoallergenic and nickel-free. It is also plated with 18k gold which means it doesn’t tarnish easily.

    Ans: Double hoop earrings and gold hoop earrings are trending right now.

    Ans: You can store your hoops in a zip lock bag when not in use. Keep them away from chemicals and perfumes for maximum wear. You can clean them with a dry cloth or paper. Avoid contact with water.

    Ans: You can choose the right hoop earring for you based on the occasion and the outfit you are wearing. Minimalistic hoops are great for everyday wear and statement styles are superb for special occasions.

    Ans: At Isharya, hoop earrings range from ₹3,000 - ₹34,000.

    Ans. Isharya is the best place to buy hoop earrings online. We have a huge collection of hoops in every size, colour and material.

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    Hoop earrings are a big trend on the runways right now. This type of earring is typically described as circular earrings that go around your ears. They are like rings but for your ears. Throughout history, big hoop earrings were worn by Greeks, Romans and Asians. However, they were made famous by African women. The first hoops can be traced back to Sudan, an integral part of Africa. Back in the day, they were made from bronze. As more metals were discovered, they were made from silver and gold. Round hoop earrings are also associated with Latina cultures. Mexican women can be spotted wearing these as part of their everyday outfits. Whatever the origins may be, these earrings have found their way into modern culture. Today, everyone from Hailey Bieber to Sonam Kapoor has a favourite hoop they swear by. These earrings are not only celebrity favourites but are also loved by fashion insiders. These days, fashion girls are stacking them and wearing them in statement ways. Explore our on-trend collection.

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    Small hoop earrings are also called huggies. These hug your ears so it's no surprise that this earring type has garnered that name. Huggie earrings are circular styles but like studs. They are a great option if you want to swap your studs for something else while going to work. They are equal parts fashionable and functional. They don't draw too much attention and can be layered with ease. You can also pair them with your trusty pendant necklaces and minimalistic bracelets. They are a great option for everyday wear. If you love colour then we have enamel styles in vibrant hues. We also have hoop earring sets to save you the trouble of matching your jewellery. These come with matching necklaces or rings. You can also make your own set because we always make it a point to create similar designs. If you love stacking, we have double hoop earrings for you. They are intertwined into each other or bunched up together. Either way, it makes your job much easier when layering your jewellery.

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    The beauty of Isharya's selection of hoops is that we have something for everyone. We have hoops in every colour, shape and size. If you're a party lover, our black hoop earrings are great with dresses and jumpsuits. They are made with black stretch enamel and brass. They are plated with gold in a typical Isharya manner. We also have white hoop earrings to complete your daytime looks. You can pair them with your summer dresses, white shirts and sweatsuits. They also match well with your Indian wear. If you're bored of the classic round shape, we also have square hoops that look great with everything. They will accentuate your face and also accentuate your look. They can be stacked with circular styles and studs. Shop our selection of hoop earrings for women.

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    Our selection of girls' hoop earrings is a wide one. These styles are perfect for young women and promise to elevate any outfit. They are lightweight and made nickel-free to avoid any harm to your skin. They look delicate and can be found in every colour from pink to black. Isharya makes styles that are always on trend yet rooted in Indian sensibilities. We always aim to make Indian jewellery more modern and wearable. So, our earrings do just that. Our stylish hoop earrings feature intricate mirror work, enamel work, and colour plating. This makes them highly unique and one of a kind. Isharya is best known for its collection of chunky hoop earrings that can instantly elevate a look and make a statement. We have styles in every size to suit your face shape and style. Our collection of earrings is here to rescue you from every fashion emergency you could have. Whether it is a quick coffee run or a lazy day by the beach – we have you covered. Shop our collection of hoops for every occasion and every outfit.