4 Best Jewellery Essentials for Your Hot Girl Summer

Partying this summer? Travelling somewhere? Or simply socializing in the city? No matter what your plans are, these 4 jewellery essentials will guarantee you have a hot girl summer. For the uninitiated, the term ‘Hot Girl Summer’ was popularized by Megan Thee Stallion. This term simply glorifies self-confidence, positivity, and living life with a carefree and empowered mindset. And if you thought hot girl summer is limited to women, think again. The term is a broad one inviting people of all genders to celebrate their authentic selves. In typical Oprah style, what we’re saying is, You can have a hot girl summer, and you can have a hot girl summer and you can have a hot girl summer”. The only thing you need are these pieces of jewellery we’ve listed below.  

The Fun Earring

The fun earring can mean different things for different people. It could be anything from party wear earrings full of sparkling stones or brightly coloured enamel hoops. It could also be trusty studs in quirky and eccentric shapes – you pick. Basically, think anything that will get the conversation started and anything that will make you smile. Let us give you an example. Remember the widely popular crystal earrings that Orhan Awatramani a.k.a Orry wore for Anant Ambani & Radhika Merchant’s pre-wedding bash in Jamnagar which Rihanna then stole. These kinds of earrings have the power to lift up any outfit without making a big deal about dressing up. You could pair them with anything from your lived-in tracksuit to a power-packed pantsuit. You just have to dare to wear. 

The Pearl Necklace

Ever since the crowd-favourite Netflix show, Bridgerton returned back to our screens, pearlcore has just gotten bigger and better. For this season, pearls are making a statement around our necks in the form of dainty pearl necklaces. You can wear them in layers or in single strings. The choice is yours. The best kind of pearl necklace for this season also include sparkly elements like eye-catching crystals and semi-precious stones. When it comes to these necklaces, the world is your oyster. (see what we did there?). You can experiment with everything from mid-century-inspired Baroque pearls to the modern-day coloured pearls. There are no rules here.  

The Cocktail Ring

Cocktail rings are the crown jewels of any jewellery box. They immediately elevate your hand game and they’re truly a one-piece wonder. Just put them on and you’re good to go. It’s their statement silhouette and high-drama quotient that cuts down on the stress of stacking and make it a no-brainer when it comes to summer party dressing. They have a sophisticated appeal without looking like you’re trying too hard. In fact, if you’re wearing a cocktail ring, you can skip the bracelets since it’s usually the piece de resistance and adds a touch of elegance. The best part is that you can style it just as well with a white shirt as you can with a corset. You can wear cocktail rings in every context this summer.

The Cool Hoop


Hoops are to your wardrobe what bread is to butter. They’re quintessential in any wardrobe. The only rule to follow this summer when it comes to hoops is make it cooler. Your hot girl summer is just a hoop in unconventional shapes like stars or squares or unexpected colours like blacks and browns away. Also, this season, when it comes to hoops, the more the merrier. Don’t shy away from stacking them on your ears and wearing them in form of ear cuffs. Still not sure about what to shop? Our collection of hoop earrings for women will get you started.

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