Isharya’s Women On The Move

Isharya’s Women On The Move

Womanhood, in all its glory

What she wears is who she reflects. A go getter, she encapsulates might and femininity. It’s the light she’s after, rising like a vine, hand-in-hand with her tribe. Our reflection, our mirrors, got a modish refurbish to fit her global stance. Intertwined with love, our links represent connections- old and new, diverse and distant. Mirrors On The Move was born of inspiration from our muse, a celebration of brave women who have guided us through these dark, unprecedented times.

We at Isharya spoke to our female-led, female-run team of different fields and different views on the world- with a unanimous vision for the fierce, all-encompassing gender. Read on for all things womanhood and style!

The Aesthete

What would you tell yourself as a young girl?

Always be the master of your own destiny, and never let anyone else steer your life for you.

What makes you proudest of being a woman today?

The burning fire of perseverance, grit and pure determination that I have seen in the eyes and hearts of women to not only survive, but also to succeed in a world inherently biased and dangerous towards them. From famous authors, activists to my own family members, I have rarely met a woman that has not fought for her place in this world and that, is amazing.


Megha’s Pick: Fierce Ear Pin earring

Since I have multiple piercings on both my ears, I am huge fan of stacking various styles of jewelry together to create an interesting medley of ear candy and this particular piece is both cool to look at and fun to wear.

The Wordsmith

How does wearing jewelry empower you?

Jewelry has a magical quality to it. It can instantly make you feel feminine — and reminds you how you don’t need to give up any part of your femininity (whatever it may mean to you) to feel empowered. We have seen how a piece of jewelry or accessory can often mean more than the sum of its parts — that’s empowering for me.

What does Mirrors On The Move invoke in you?

This collection puts me in a celebratory mood. And, in a time when our lives are confined to mostly our homes — the pieces instil the joy of dressing up back in me.

Drishti’s pick: Emerge Disc Earrings

They’re an interesting take on the ubiquitous hoop earrings. I like them for their versatility — they work as well for Indian clothes as they do with a dress or modern-day separates.

The Juggler

What is your hope for women in 2021?

My hope for women in 2021 and the years to come is to be fearless and follow their dreams relentlessly.

Who is your female role model?

Oprah Winfrey.

Nisha’s pick: Chain Reaction Interlinked Necklace

I love this necklace and would style it with a longer layered necklace, white shirt and jeans.

The Cyber Genie

How important are female relationships to you?

All friendships are important, but female relationships offer you a safe space to discuss issues that may seem harder to speak about to the opposite gender or family members. This understanding makes them invaluable to me as a woman, since I can be a 100% myself, no questions asked.

What is your idea of ‘on the move’? What is freedom to you?

To make progress. Moving in life is a continuous process of gradually improving or getting nearer to achieving something.

Freedom to me is having the opportunity to, and being empowered enough to, make my own decisions.

Shwetha’s pick: Link Lock Necklace

The Link Lock Necklace is my favourite piece from the collection. I would pair it with a low V-neck top or dress necklace that complements the neckline, while keeping the focus on the necklace.

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