Put a (Right-Hand) Ring on It!

Put a (Right-Hand) Ring on It!

This season of love, we are doing things a little differently— by spotlighting the right-hand ring. Why this ring? Because it has long stood for personal and professional triumph against all odds for women across the world.

For being the #bossbabe that you are, we think you mighty well deserve a self-gift as a reminder to strive towards breaking the glass ceiling every step of the way. This month, let’s celebrate you, and put a (right-hand) ring on it.

The right-hand ring marks a woman’s autonomy and self-sufficiency. Dating back to the Roaring Twenties, when extravagant ‘cocktail’ rings were adorned by flapper girls, these rings continue to carry their symbolism in rejecting patriarchal norms and flaunting a liberated sense of self. But why is it special? It’s bought by you, for you! In recent years, the emblematic gifting of the ring from mother to daughter too, has gained momentum— a beacon of empowerment. There’s no time like the biggest Hallmark Holiday to spoil yourself or a fellow woman you admire with an attention-grabbing, statement-making piece of jewelry.
All aboard the self-love train!

Dawn Solo Ring

A signet ring that sets the tone. 

Once worn strictly by men, the weighty ring was historically a powerful tool akin to a signature or family crest. Smash milestones with this ring that means business.

Shabana Emerald Ring

The modern cocktail ring that puts an end to all cocktail rings.
Don this showstopping trinket that elevates. With a distinctive nod to Art Deco, it houses an arresting emerald as its focal point.

Thunberg Aurora Open Ring

Named after Swedish activist Greta Thunberg, this ring is a tribute to female activism at every age.
The jewel-toned open ring was made for the new-age royal, set with amethyst and white aurora boreale cystal.

Jugni Mirror Statement Ring

If you’ve made it this far, chances are you’ve been scrolling for our signature mirrors.
A celebration of new-age queens who are ready to sparkle, Glittering CZ and hand-cut mirrors make this crescent-shaped ring an absolute knockout.

Nazm Multi-Band Cocktail Ring

A glittering delight for fabulous victories.
This ring takes on stacking all by itself with CZ crystals fitted into elegant silver bands.


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