Top Travel Ideas For This Summer – With Pro Tips On Where To Eat, Shop & Play Like A Local

Travel Destinations

Travel Destinations

There’s something about summer travels that evokes nostalgia and while there's nothing wrong with having a favourite destination you’d want to visit over and over again, sometimes you want to get a little off the beaten path and go somewhere you haven't before. So we’ve rounded up underrated destinations to have on your bucket list. The best bit however is that we’ve included pro tips on the best places to eat, shop and play in these destinations according to locals. Scroll along for some serious wanderlust-inducing inspo.

Sardinia, Italy

There's so much more to Italy than the beautiful coastline of Positano and the historical richness of Rome. While the long, warm days are perfect to spend by the crystal blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea, intrepid travelers who want a little more substance to their vacation can head to Sardinia to experience the island's charming towns, rustic cuisine, and ancient ruins.

Eat: The best fregola pasta at Da Marco off the quartz beach of Mari Ermi.

Shop: Vintage jewelry and bespoke clothing at Cagliari Antiquarian.

Play: Sample vintage and local wines at Colline del Vento winery.


Kyoto, Japan

Instead of heading to the crowd-favorite Tokyo or the bright and lively Osaka, consider visiting Kyoto, one of the best cities to experience traditional Japanese culture. Spend the day exploring the temples and shrines peppered throughout the city or take a walk through Gion, the “Geisha District.” The best time to visit here is at the bookends of summer when the season overlaps with spring or fall.

Eat: The best udon noodles in dashi broth at Omen.

Shop: Handmade artisanal kitchen knives from Artisugu in Nishiki Market.

Play: Indulge in candy art and making of wagashi at Kyoto Confectionary Museum.


Seoul, South Korea

The land of K-pop and K-dramas is the latest Asian destination on the radar of many travelers, including the fashion-inclined ones. It is a living, breathing mashup of history and modernity. Centuries-old courtyards hug the roots of brand-new high-rises, and traditional teashops vie with Starbucks. You’ll find this contrast everywhere: from the glamour of the Gangnam district to the grand, tranquil palaces of the Jongno area. The dynamic capital burgeons with inventive restaurants, galleries, and boutiques.

Eat: The best pan-fried mandus at Chang Hwa Dang.

Shop: At Recode in Gangnam – a sustainable initiative that upcycles deadstock fabric into ultra-modern wearables.

Play: Kukje Art Gallery in Samcheongdong is a must-visit to enjoy immersive workshops in understanding Korean art.


Baku, Azerbaijan

The emblematic capital of Azerbaijan, Baku offers a diverse range of things to do, including exploring centuries-old architectural marvels, indulging in wine culture, and experiencing traditional tea-tasting ceremonies. Whether you are into antique shopping, birdwatching, or healing oil baths, Azerbaijan has something for everyone.

Eat: The best dolma at Agabala restaurant.

Shop: Locally made organic beauty products from L'oiseau De Paradis.

Play: Learn to make Kelaghayi (a traditional women’s clothing made from silk) in Bagsal.


Belgrade, Serbia

The third-largest city of Southeast Europe, after Istanbul and Athens, Belgrade is the vibrant and tenacious capital of Serbia. Classical and cosmopolitan; artistically reviving and urbanite cool; it is tinged with a post-war persona. Belgrade is not only an up-and-coming destination for young creatives of all stripes, but boasts some of the best nightlife in Europe. For more grown-up travelers, however, there are Ottoman palaces, Orthodox temples, and even a museum dedicated to Nikola Tesla.

Eat: The best sarma at Salon 1905.

Shop: Handwoven artisanal rugs from Tepart.

Play: Enjoy live jazz, funk, pop, and rock music at the Ellington's Jazz Club in Hyatt Regency Belgrade Hotel.

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