Isharya High


Experience a first of its kind journey with Isharya High's exquisite bijouterie, elavated with Rêve Crystals and Emerald Doublets. Crafted from 925 Sterling Silver with a lifetime warranty.

Picture this:

So, if it's not for your locker, where's it for?

It's the jewelry that refuses to be tucked away, demanding the spotlight at every turn.

It's for lighting you up, destined for sartorial greatness, and travels far and wide.

Rêve Crystals

Specially cut for the line, full and portrait rêve crystals are engineered to capture and refract light, akin to the world's most exquisite diamonds. Each design boasts meticulously plated high-shine rhodium, ensuring you radiate with every step you take.

House of Isharya

Gone are the days when your dazzling treasures languished in the gloomy confines of a locker.

Isharya High is here to declare,
"Jewelry, darling, deserves more than that!" #NotForYourLocker