Links + Locks

Links + Locks


Hitting the sweet spot between classic and modern, our latest drop presents the ubiquitous yet often underrated link & lock jewels in fresh and exciting iterations employing a medley of elements.

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Think of our new collection as a bridge between old and new, maximalism and minimalism and something that easily goes from day to night. The line-up offers an array of necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings crafted with 18-karat gold-plating, soft geometrical motifs and rich enamelling.

Links + Locks

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With a blend of hardware-inspired influences and Mughal touches, our collection showcases chunky chains plated in contrasting colors, links available in round, oval, and elongated shapes, and our renowned signature mirrors, all with unconventional cuts.

Links + Locks

What’s more?

The jewels are updated with a luxurious pavé setting. The result is a collection that is of-the-moment yet deeply embedded in culture, from hip-hop to the quintessential Italian ’60s look.

All the styles are endlessly wearable; they can be used to toughen up feminine dresses or even elevate luxe sweats. The best part? They always make an impression!