Claim Your Throne!

This season, give your jewels the royal treatment with Isharya's new-season collection — Q. From subliminal earrings that revive Mughal artistry to signature styles that are a mix of time-tested and new, the line-up is full of superlative baubles that create splendour. Claim your jewels now!

Understated Elegance

Timeless Heroes for the

"Q"ueen in you

The collection is imbued with heritage techniques that combine classic yet bold hues like lush greens, along with rich materials like statement pearls, mirror and black enamel.

Each design is named after a regal heroine and, as royal names are passed down the generations, these references will ensure the ultimate legacy jewels.

Modern Collectables

Sultana Pearl Ring
Sultana Pearl Ring


Sultana Pearl Ring

Wearable Art

Sculptural Masterpieces


Inspired BY

Many pieces are inspired by iconic features of the most romantic Indian forts and palaces with ornate arches, onion domes, and beautiful latticework.

The result imitates the same architectural perfection found in these monuments and conjures up grandeur and drama.

Regent Glamour